Get to Know Our Newest Franchise Owners, Chad and Jen LeClaire, and WHY They Chose to Live Their Dream!

As the proud new owners of a Carousel’s Soft Serve Icery food truck, our recent franchisees Chad and Jen LeClaire now have the huge business advantage of a minimal-risk, high-return storefront-on-wheels. Their truck is a low upfront cash investment in their very own personalized asset—meaning rather than renovating someone else’s investment, such as real estate, the LeClaires are building their own commodity without past wear-and-tear, one proven to provide a great ROI.

Best of all, the mobility of a storefront-on-wheels multiplies its profit potential. While brick-and-mortar retail depends on a neighborhood’s economic vitality to draw foot traffic, Chad and Jen are free to court business anywhere in their region, any day. With this approach, there are surefire Carousel’s sales locations to be found no matter where you live—schools, businesses, hospitals, churches and sporting events of every level and size, with endless potential for fundraisers, employee appreciation and events, year-round. What all this means is, Carousel’s franchisees are able to launch their businesses with built-in customer bases—a true rarity for new entrepreneurs in any industry.

In their Southlake zone, the LeClaires are amidst a great example of what is known in academic circles as a “boomburg”, which Wikipedia describes as “a rapidly growing city in the United States that remains essentially suburban in character, even as it reaches populations more typical of urban core cities.” For Chad and Jen, this equals a base of over 150,000 customers, in a quaint, laid-back atmosphere featuring year-round community activities, family fairs, gorgeous natural attractions, and over 160 churches and schools, each of which are perfect settings for the warmhearted, memory-filled spirit we at Carousel’s seek to promote and preserve with every ice we serve.

But Chad and Jen say it wasn’t just easy access to crowds that drew them towards franchise involvement; the Carousel’s brand character played a large part in their decision to join the family. We seek to engage the fabric of every community we serve, and not only are schools, small businesses and churches great lanes of commerce, they are primary beneficiaries of our Carousel’s Cares philanthropy program, a long-term vision of our Founder & CEO Corey Curtyo. Chad explains that “Corey and his team are super focused on growing Carousel’s the right way and in the right areas. When two visions align, it makes business sense to lock arms and grow.”

For us, that’s a mission accomplished, as it isn’t just smooth logistics and great brand personality we seek to offer—from the outset, we want all franchisees to feel at home. Jen explains, “You literally feel like family, from the first meeting and beyond…and the process has been very easy to follow and well organized. From consultation to actually joining, they made sure we understood each step along the way.” Chad adds, “After reaching out, Carousel’s provided a consultation and subsequently walked us through the entire process of evaluating the business, hosting a discovery day to meet the team, test the product and ask questions.”

Launching a new business venture can be stressful for first-time and experienced business owners alike, so we provide ongoing, clear and interactive business guidance. “Carousel’s team offers amazing insight and thought leadership into what might be considered a simple business model,” Chad notes. “They are highly organized and ready to scale.” Beyond the shared know-how, the LeClaires affirm that simply knowing they could immediately offer a time-proven dessert that checks all the best boxes—tasty, refreshing and fun—eased any worries. To adapt an old saying, the proof is in the Soft-Serve Ice!

While our trademark taste is usually enough to earn us a Carousel’s convert, we often hear from owners and customers alike that their favorite Carousel’s moments involve the general enjoyment of life that surrounds our trucks. The LeClaires, big supporters of neighborly projects with shared purpose, explain “We absolutely love our community, and we’ve been able to assist in event planning, such as serving at our city’s Citizen’s Academy (hosted by police and fire departments). We look forward to integrating even more into our area and giving back with programs like Carousel’s Cares.”

Ultimately, Chad and Jen say their decision to join the Carousel’s family wasn’t simply about sure profit, but rather our full-circle vision, and their desire to share Carousel’s with their area. “As a frozen dessert connoisseur, I can honestly say there is NOTHING like Carousel’s fresh soft serve ice,” explains Jen. “But what’s even better is the team that sits behind the curtain to bring this amazing product to our schools, neighborhoods and businesses. Everyone we’ve met at Carousel’s has a deep sense of community and takes pride in being the best part of someone’s day.”